How to dog-train people

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(Baby Gangnam Style Benjamin‘s website)

Children can be cute, creative, and overwhelmingly frustrating with their screaming meltdowns over the tiniest things. Everyone can probably think of a time when you are standing in the check out line and down the rows they could hear the shrieking of an inconsolable, unhappy child wailing about their latest problem. Parents, teachers, and baby-sitters alike eventually resort at some point to that “magic” trigger or set of words which seem to console the child into perfect behavior.

My “magic” words as a child were “candy,” “ice-cream,” “Do you want to _____?” and, “I’ll let you _______.”

They were extraordinarily dangerous words to use around me–and all of my cousins. Play time was the perfect opportunity to swap stories and brag about how we got what we wanted, and was a prime time to concoct our next batch of plans. We thought we were unstoppable–and perhaps you didn’t realize you might have been trained by a child. Continue reading


Grandma's cookies

“Eat up all your vegetables and you can have dessert!”

Sitting anxiously at the table of Yaya’s house, I remember bouncing in my seat and kicking my feet, waiting in harrowed anticipation for my grandmother to return from the kitchen. The rooms smelled sweet with vanilla and cinnamon from whatever magic pot or pan she had going and I couldn’t wait for a serving of anything–cookies, puddings, pies– it really didn’t matter to me. Yaya’s cooking was the very best and I had cleaned the plate as well as I could with my clumsy, young motor skills.

After all, I had to eat all my veggies before I could have dessert. How many of us would be surprised to find that grandma used a popular dog training technique to do what she thought was best for us?
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Fireman saves dog

Take a break, hero.

Election time is blowing up Facebook with hateful posts and pictures about the new propositions and candidates, but I think perhaps it’s time for a break away from election tensions. On my own Facebook news feed, and on the #election hashtag on Twitter, I see normally civil and friendly people about ready to fight to the death over what election buttons they are wearing.

Here are 21 Pictures that will restore your faith in humanity, or at least will make you smile. What caught my attention were the four-legged companions that received rescues from random strangers–and the thoughtful, surprising actions of others. Continue reading

Photo by Arl Otod of Flickr

Bad Habits?

Do you have a friend or know a child that has an annoying habit like biting their nails, or maybe they have a tendency for over-enthusiastic responses in situations? There might be some ways you can help curb those habits without reaching for those shock collars.

There is a video after the jump to show how interruptions can break bad habits with dogs, but there are some ways to break people-habits as well.

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Having a bad day on the job?

Ever had a friend who complains about their terrible boss? Are they the type of boss who seems to only come over to them when he or she is upset about something? Do they like to snap off orders in that not-so-nice way? There might be something that can be done to help keep the peace and at least make your interactions a little more pleasant–with a bit of dog-training philosophy applied, of course.

Curious about how to train your boss to be less cranky?
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I couldn’t help myself when I saw this video–it actually has “Pawsitive” in it a few times! Nana looks like she’s having a blast pulling all the stops for her handler.
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