How to dog-train people

I’m not quite sure how you made it here from your vast journeys of exploring the internet, but I am glad for the company!

profile sketch

Quick! Let me distract you with a quick doodle of myself since my camera isn’t working.

My name is Sarah Gutierrez, and I am a fourth year student at Cal Poly Pomona and am studying to major in Communication with a focus on Public Relations. I may seem a bit quiet at first glance, but this is because I am more of an observer and listener, preferring to hear all sides of a story before putting in my own opinions.

So what exactly started with my love of animals?  It’s a pretty easy path to follow once you find out that my uncle, Tad Motoyama, works as a professional photographer for the Los Angeles Zoo (Don’t forget to check out their Facebook for his pictures as well as their website!).

I spent much of my childhood there, fascinated with all the animals and their unique behaviors and interactions. I’m sure the older staff can remember me endlessly bombarding them questions. It was a simple jump from inquiring about the exotics to trying to understand my own pets–after all, if we knew so much about the ‘wild’ animals and how they worked, why not a dog or a cat?

A few years worth of education later, with animal rehabilitation on the side, and in comes an enthusiastic Economics teacher who jokingly told me I should try teaching people a few tricks instead.

Did I mention I love a good challenge? No?

Well, challenge accepted.

I created this blog for a required Online Media class, but rather than bore you with facts you can easily Google on your own, I hope that you will find some amusement in spending a day in my shoes, and maybe picking up a few quirky tips on the way.


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