I couldn’t help myself when I saw this video–it actually has “Pawsitive” in it a few times! Nana looks like she’s having a blast pulling all the stops for her handler.

So, what would drive a dog to perform such complicated and novel antics? Positive reinforcement training can really work wonders as it is a method based on trust and confidence. You set up lessons based on the target’s abilities and confidence level, progressively working your way up to the final goal–it’s a method that is actually fairly common in sports. Many athletes have the support of great coaches that bring out the best in them by helping them train and setting goals, so this isn’t just an animal exclusive-technique.

And just in case you’re wondering, cats can learn tricks too! Check out Nana doing tricks with her adoptive brother, Kaiser, a Bengal cat. They are part of the Use Your Clicker crew and are also available for movies, so keep an eye out for them!